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A photographic checklist of Xanthopygina beetles
Authors: S. Chatzimanolis

The primary purpose of this checklist is to help rove beetle enthousiasts, that have no access to specimens, to be able to identify their specimens. My goal is also to spur collaborations with scientists who think that they might have an undescribed species. Most of these photographs were taken while visiting Natural History Museums or when I revised specific genera. The newer the revision the more photographs availalble for species in a particular genus (e.g. Photinopygus). The copyright of all type specimens or type label images rest with the museum where the specimen belongs. Photographs are missing for the genera Gastrisus and Plociopterus becuase these two genera are currently being revised. 

Pdfs of all of my taxonomic revisions of Xanthopygina can be found here.

Comments or questions? Please email me at 

Checklist current as of April 2024.

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[Philothalpus analis (Erichson, 1840)]